About Me

About Me

My passion is listening and believing people can find their answers with support and guidance to get where they need to go. My background is counselling within the NHS, helping run a voluntary counselling service and more recently private practice.

It takes a lot of strength for people to ask for help, and I encourage everyone to be kind to themselves as they would be to others. I draw on and apply different therapeutic approaches, mainly Humanistic and Client-Centred. Humanistic counselling recognises that every individual is unique. It focuses on growth and self-development to enable the exploration of thoughts and feelings to work out solutions. Client-Centred (also known as Person-Centred) counselling focuses on an individual's values and self-worth. When you feel valued without judgement, it can help you to accept who you are and the choices you make.

I am here to help you explore, reflect, and better understand your feelings and emotions while navigating your journey. My therapy style is very warm and compassionate. If you treat people with respect and dignity, it helps you to find your way to find your best answers. As your therapist, I offer you empathy and congruence – where I am open and authentic, with unconditional positive regard - where I accept you as you are.

I specialise in working with people struggling with confidence and self-worth issues, burnout, stress and anxiety. I offer in-person and remote online therapy sessions for your convenience.

I'm also a Holistic Practitioner, having trained as a Reiki healer and intuition development.

My Qualifications

Diploma in Humanistic Counselling

Training in Mindfulness

Training in Solutions Focussed Practice and Single Session Therapy

Currently studying an M.A. in Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy

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